Friedrichshain- Mall Openings

October 6, 2017|Openings

Three openings due to open up in the new East Side Mall and Mercedes Platz across from the Warschauer S-bahn station. Sparing you the commentary on how unnecessary this contained mall and shopping/entertainment district really is… is not something Mr. Eatler can commit too.. malls guys!? Really? Though it is certain that the food will be great and the vibe will be nice and so on and so forth and even the theatre goers will need a hot dog or two to stuff in their mouths. Nevertheless, the openings of the day must go on… and here they are:

Friedrichshain- Coa Asian Food is preparing to open up their next location on Mercedes Platz, an entire concept center set to be full of hotels, a bowling alley, a movie theater, the Berlin Music Hall and lots of places to eat. Coa Asian Food, which already has one location at Potsdamer Platz, could be considered your typical style franchised restaurant serving asian food, but hey! They let you make your own summer rolls!   

Friedrichshain- Kyoto Running Sushi will be opening a Berlin location at the end of 2018 in the new East Side Mall. Kyoto Running Sushi is a Japanese family owned establishment with its roots in München. Kyoto Running Sushi employees traditional conveyer belts for serving up food. So while you don’t have to run after your food, if you are just a little bit indecisive, you may have to wait a full 30 seconds for that tiny plate of sashimi to come back around.  

Friedrichshain Hauptstadtburger, which already has a location on Leipziger Platz 12 (also a mall), will be opening at the end of 2018 at the East Side Mall. Hauptstadtburger boasts freshly cooked burgers right before your very eyes and homemade baked bread. Not really sure if the world really needs ANOTHER burger joint, but this one serves up pulled pork with wedges and coleslaw and chicken BBQ which sounds to Mr. Eatler like American heaven.

Mühlenstrasse , 10243 Berlin

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