The Drive By- Pierogies, Burgers & Pie, Plus, Mr. Eatler Impression Contest

October 6, 2017|Reviews

Here is this weeks edtion of The Drive By…  send us your selfie in front of your favorite food truck or restaurant with your best impression of Mr. Eatler. Best impression gets a free dinner!

Pan Kowalski  is taking a new approach on Pierogis. Filled with beef, silky cheddar and other savory assortment of stuffings this simple dish is getting a high end culinary make over. In addition, you can wash it down with a shot of Berlinska, Pan Kowalski’s very own, Berlin distilled Liquor in various flavors.

Humble Pie is serving Southern comfort street food out of a bright red car trailer. With a variety of fried chicken dishes, seasonal sweet & savory pies, desserts, sweet teas and biscuits. Humble Pie are regulars at Bite Club.

Réger Burger As the German proverb goes: “meat is my vegetable” Which is certainly true for Mr. Eatler, lets face it, cows are vegetarians. But in this case vegetables are actually vegetables. The burgers of this food truck are pure and straight vegan, made of organic and regional ingredients. Brutally local and brutally meat free.

That’s it for today’s Drive By, send Eatler your favorite food truck spottings and send us your best impression of Mr. Eatler!



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