Reviews Of The Day- Steaks, Gentrification, Brutally Local & More

October 6, 2017|Reviews

Its happy time over in Mr. Eatler’s house. We got everything in this one folks, except a bad review of course because in todays culture giving bad reviews gives inspires all that bad juju and everything. Nevertheless its an action packed day with some veterans and so newbies on the rundown. We got one from Cee Cee, one from Mit Vergnügen, one from Qiez and one from Berlin ick liebe dir.

First up in Tiergarten from Cee Cee is a review of Kin Dee. The Thai baby of the Grill Royal family which opened up just a few months ago takes an innovative approach on traditional Thai cuisine. Brutally local with organic ingredients, swapping papaya for kohlrabi, it brings a contemporary twist to the menu. Check out the full article here Squid confit in Kaprao-sauce

Next up in Kreuzberg from Mit Vergnügen is a review of Orania. The in house restaurant of Hotel Orania pretty much whipped up the feelings of edgy Kreuzberg and anti gentrification antagonists since it’s opening a few weeks ago. The critics enjoyed the atmosphere, interior and fine dining cuisine, which the head chef and his team prepared in the open kitchen quasi in front of their eyes. Check out the full article here Dinner with a view

Next up in Kreuzberg from Berllin ick liebe dir is a review of Cassonade. The coffee shop slash Crepérie has been around since 15 years, offering Belgian waffles, crepes, coffee and tea specialties in a student type ambience. Check out the full article here Coffee, waffles & Co

Next up in Mitte from Qiez is a review of La Maison de L’entrecôte. The name says it all, since its French for steak house. But meat is not all you can eat there. The joint in the ground floor of Hotel Indigo, a stone’s throw from Alexanderplatz, offers international high end cuisine for lunch and dinner. Check out the full article here Wald- und Wiesen-Pilz-Risotto 

Next up in Pankow from Berlin ick liebe dir is a review of Two Fellas Brewery, a newish brew pub in Berlin’s East. Owned by friends, the latest addition to the craft beer scene offers beer specialties and as they say “good times”- Check out the full article here Surprise in Pankow


happy time for Mr. Ill keepin’ it rill


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