Kreuzberg- Nudo Looking For That Special Someone

October 5, 2017|Gossip

Kreuzberg- Ok, so Italian restaurant Nudo on Lausitzer Platz isn’t exactly closing but they are looking for a special someone. A partner who would be interested in carrying out an “innovative daytime food concept (breakfast, brunch lunch)” in their fully outfitted location, but are also open for other concepts. Sounds like even restaurants are trying the WG approach- which might just be the way to go with soaring rent prices these days.

Nudo boasts 40 seats indoors and 32 on their terrace so if brunch is your thing and if this sounds like the right amount of mouths to cook for, you may just be Nudo’s dream partner. Nudo also offers a probationary period. Mr. Eatler assumes this means nothing is immediately set in stone and you can part ways if things don’t initially work out. Now if only dating were as easy…

Lausitzer Platz 10

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