Openings- Shisha Bars Solidify Working Relationship With Gamers

October 5, 2017|Gossip, Openings

Shisha Gaming… Did you know this was a thing? Mr. Eatler didn’t know this was a thing because the last thing he wants to do when smoking a cigar or anything for that matter is play video games. But maybe it’s a lot of fun, no judgements. To each moose his own. But guys, fuck it, lets just put some poles up and call it what it is, a stripper-less strip club.

Alt-Moabit- shisha bar Empire Lounge will be re-opening it’s doors this Friday. So if you like to party Jersey Shore style, get ready. Empire Lounge offers an adult gaming area which is not as much fun as it may sound (get your head out of the gutter) rather it has 4 Playstations attached to 50 inch screens with a “diverse” choice in games – Fifa16, Mortal Combat and Call of Duty to name a few. Lets face it, diversity in video games means having Street Fighter 1 & 2. Mr. Eatler doesn’t really know why you wouldn’t just stay at home to play games – where playing with a joystick in your underwear (again! Mind, gutter!) won’t get you arrested – but to each their own.

Alt – Moabit 72 Berlin

Wedding- This month, Relax Playstation Shisha Lounge will be opening their doors on Pankstrasse. Which further proves that apparently this whole shisha and gaming scene is a thing. Apparently, Relax Playstation Shisha Lounge offers an assortment of games for “the masculine taste.” But for those not into games, don’t despair! You can also watch footie on the tv. Hmm. Footie and “masculine games.” 

Pankstraße 15


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