Food Delivery Companies Growing, But Not Enough It Seems

October 5, 2017|Gossip

Food couriers, the Chevaliers of Gastronome, riding fearlessly through the streets on their stripped down bicycles, all while letting you know when you’re in their way. Ok, so you might be rolling your eyes thinking, another post about food couriers? Well this one isn’t about angry bikers and unfair working conditions (although we are pretty sure those are all still major issues) Rather its about the struggles of delivery company Delivery Hero.

The Berliner Morgenpost reports that Delivery Hero, which owns Lieferheld, and Foodora, has had a sale volume of  253,2 million euros in the first half year of going public. This is reported to be about double the amount of the previous year but the net loss of operative costs (EBITDA) was still down 35 percent to 45 million euros. In Europe, Delivery Hero claims revues of 95,5 million euros which is a growth of about 36%. The company is also growing in America and Asia. Apparently, although the company continues to expand, they are far from a net profit: Deliver Hero’s loss has grown from 126 to 221 million euros. So had does that happen? Beat Mr. E, he eats out usually. Check out the full post here Lieferdienst Delivery Hero steigert Umsatz


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