Openings Rundown- Tinder Date Options, Eatside, Flichenbarr, La Luna

October 4, 2017|Openings

Don’t want to risk losing your favorite joint to a bad Tinder date, and live by the tried and true life moral, don’t shit where you eat? Mr. Eatler has got you covered. Here are today’s openings. We’ve even thrown in a bar in case the date goes better than expected…

Friedrichshain- Remember when Mr. Eatler mentioned Eatside Bistro’s plans for expansion? Well the day has finally come. Eatside Bistro has opened up their second location on the Tamara-Danz-Straße, a stone’s throw away from the Oberbaumbrucke and the East Side Gallery – (YAY MORE PUNS!). Eatside offers tons of healthy and hearty options as well as sweet treats.

Tamara-Danz-Straße 1 

Kreuzberg- Flittchenbar will be celebrating their re-opening this Friday with a “Großen Gala der Duos und Duette”. In true duo and duet fashion, RÀN, the newest Projekt from Laura Landergott and Yair Karelic are on the billing. The duo play 60’s rock n roll with psych- soundscapes, so if that’s your kind of thing, you should def check this place out, stay a while and have a few beers. Drama-Pop from LA Tourette, the new duo from Tonia Ree and Rudi Fischlehne are also billed to perform.

Admiralstraße 1

Friedrichshain- Gelateria La Luna with one location already in Mitte, they are set to be opening up a new location in Friedrichshain in the EastSide Mall this fall. However, for any of those who have walked passed what still appears to be a construction site on the grounds of what is apparently to be the EastSide Mall, this estimated opening date appears slightly optimistic, but you never know.. wait do you guys know? Hit up the Tip Line and let Mr. Eatler know 


Hopefully these Tinder options leave you with a long term relationship, either with swipe right or with the joint itself. Good luck out there lonely hearts.

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