On The Hunt!- Burgers, Cocktails And Hipsters

October 4, 2017|Gossip

On the Hunt! Gotta stack y’r bread? Lookin’ for that Christmas cash, that Hanukkah honey? Well, we got Burgers, Cocktails and more… Here’s today’s On The Hunt.

Birken Burger Berlin Gastro GmbH is looking for both part-time and full-time employees for Hans im Glück burger grill located at Berlin Hauptbahnhof. Duties include taking orders, serving meals, bussing tables, and ringing customers up as well as other regular duties that come with working in a restaurant. If you have experience working in the gastro industry or simply have an interest in starting a career in the industry, are a team player, flexible and open, hardworking and all that other jazz, this could be the job for you.

Berlin Hauptbahnhof

i31 Hotel, a boutique hotel located in Mitte near Nordbahnhoff, is looking for a new barkeeper. I31 stresses that the key to their success is their winning customer service, so they are clearly looking for friendly and charming people to join the team. We assume that means grumps need not apply but perhaps they would like that ambivalent “do you know who I am?!?!” hipster service so prevalent these days. Its like the girls who say they are looking for a nice guy, but deep down really want a bad boy.

In either case, professional training in the hotel or gastro industry is preferred as are those who enjoy having fun and working with upscale and international guests. You should also have experience preparing cocktails and a keen understanding of spirits, wines, coffee and hot drinks as well as a decent command of German and English.

Invalidenstraße 31


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