Events Of The Week- Alcohol, Porridge, Clothing And Alcohol

October 4, 2017|Events

Events Of The Week- Looking for things to do this week? Then look no further. Mr. Eatler has has a bunch of options for you, and a few of them definitely involve alcohol and some could involve alcohol, but could also involve porridge.   

Today in Mitte: The Berlin Beer Tour will take you on a journey across the streets, exploring classic brewing traditions and checking out cutting edge craft beer bars. Check the event here The best of Berlin on tap

In Kreuzberg: This Thursday, Bordeaux Wein is hosting Bordeaux Pop-up Weinbar meets WineVibes at Atelier Berlin Kreuzberg on Prinzenstraße 84.2. This event is all about taking the pretentiousness and confusion out of Bordeaux while listening to live music from César. Admission is free.

In Kreuzberg: This Thursday at 7pm until 10 pm, BRLO Brwhouse will be hosting BRLO x Bulleit x The Dudes Boilermaker Bash with Bulleit and The Dudes at BRLO Brwhouse on Schöneberger Straße 16. This event is all about trying to make the classic pairing known as a “Boilermaker” cool again. The “Boilermaker,” which consists of a beer and a whiskey shot, is apparently in need of some re-branding in order to make this pairing palatable to the Moscow Mule Hipster contingent. Apparently it has become so standard, it’s positively gauche. And so BRLO, Dulleit and The Dudes are paradoxically working to revive a drink that has become so mainstream it’s boring, by bringing it back into the mainstream? Albeit “this time with a little bit more class.” The first 100 guests who order a beer will get a TheDudes mug and a free flask of Bulleit – aka their very own Boilermaker.   

Friday in Neukölln: Muted Horn, independent craft beer bar, is throwing a big first anniversary party. 22 taps of the craziest beers will be flowing and food from Butter Bronson’s and Omnipollo is being served. Check out the event here Birthday No. 1


And just incase you ended up drinking too many boiler makers with The Dudes and such here are some wholesome heart healthy events to make you feel better about your corporal depravity.

In Mitte: This Friday Mymuesli will be opening up their first pop up store in Berlin Mitte which will be running until December 8 on Neue Schönhauserstr. 19. If you are interested in trying some free samples, Mymuesli will have their best sellers and N’oats Bio-Porridge waiting for you. 

In Neukölln: KLEIDER, KUNST & KULINARIK. On Friday from 4pm until 11pm, Griessmuehle on Sonnenallee 221 will be hosting Mühlenmarkt N°38, along with Mühlenmarkt. This flea market is all about clothing, art and the culinary arts (although as a slogan, this definitely has a better ring to it in German).   

Saturday in Neukölln: Muted Horn just can’t get enough pof parteeyyyy. They are extending the birthday celebrations with an exclusive bottle release and hearty tacos. Check out the event here Birthday No.1 part two

Well that’s it for this week’s events… stay tuned an hit up Mr. Eatler if you think your event has to be on the Ealter rundown.

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