Closing Rundown- Ice Cream, Coffee, Pizza, The Holy Trinity

October 2, 2017|Openings

Mr. Eatler has two joints moving on and one sort of “closing”  for anyone looking to open up shop during the colder months this year. Its the holy trinity of closings, coffee, pizza and ice cream. Here is today’s closing rundown. 

Kreuzberg- Looking for a temporary location to set up shop for the next few months? Eismanufaktur’s location in Kreuzberg is up for rent from November to December. We all know how much Germans love ice cream, but even the biggest fanatics of this creamy and cold treat tend to take an ice-cream break during winter, which is why we assume Eismanufaktur has made the smart decision to close up shop during the colder months and temporarily offer their storefront to someone with less summery seasonal treats.

Graefestraße 7

Kreuzberg- Be coffee my friend, coffee and food hangout located not far away from the recreational area of Gleisdreieck, is on the lookout for a new owner. Why the joint, which serves up vegetarian Mediterranean and Oriental fusion dishes, pancakes smoothies, juices and coffee is calling it quits are unknown. Mr. Eatler will be sad to see this place go because word has it you can swing in a chair while sipping on hot drinks. On second thought, that might not be such a brilliant idea… Be coffee my friend is up for key money at 130K. Here’s to hoping whoever takes over will at least keep the swings.

Yorckstraße 60

Spandau- Pizza Yamm Yamm, known for their unpretentious late night “kiezpizza” is up for grabs. Located in the west of Berlin in Spandau, the shop is located close to Berlin´s waterside at the river Havel and Berlin´s very own Island Eiswerder. As so many of Berlin’s known Kiezes become too expensive to live in, maybe it’s time to put Spandau on the map. So for those looking to open up a new joint, this must be the place. (Extra points awarded to anyone who has caught the casual Talking Heads Reference.)

Kurstr. 22


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