Restaurateurs Facing Extortionists Of Different Stripes

October 2, 2017|Gossip

According to the Berliner Morgenpost in an article shared this weekIt is no secret that the mafia has a stronghold on many of the establishments in Berlin and that Berliner landlords are fighting against “Schutzgelderpresser” (“protection money” extortionists). Although restaurateurs and the police have already curtailed the Italian mafia, investigators are worried about Russian and Asian restaurants. Often landlords who come to Germany from other countries have a strong mistrust of the police, and have the tendency to pay off extortionists before asking for help from the police, explains Bernd Finger, the chief of the organized crime unit of the LKA. However, Finger states that when dealing with these kinds of situations, it is extremely important for the affected person to contact the police immediately.  Check out the full post here, and don’t shoot the messenger, Mr. Eatler being that in this instance. 


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  1. Hmm… Has anyone’s (besides me, that is…) eaten at the curiously located (and even more curiously priced) at PapaAri in Treptow? (in a real weird location, one of the weirdest I have eaten in in Berlin). Don’t know why this small piece makes me think of this restaurant, but I was sort of expecting to see the Lebanese-Berlin version of Tony Soprano walking into it.

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