Reviews Of The Day- Black Sheep, Cantina San’Ambroes, Japanese And More

October 2, 2017|Reviews

Here is today´s rundown. We got one from Berliner Morgenpost, one from Tip, one from Qiez and one from Berlin loves you.

First up in Alt-Treptow from Berliner Morgenpost is a review of Black Sheep, a small coffee shop located between Kreuzberg and Alt-Treptow. Home to the fermented drinks of the Berlin Kombucha Society, the joint offers a variety of specialty coffee from The Barn & Passenger, pastry, bagels and lunch dishes. Check the full article here Bagel with smoked tofu

Next up in Prenzlauer Berg from Tip is a review of Cantine Sant’Ambroeus, a small wine store & bar with authentic Italian flair.The owner is a wine lover to the core, serving carefully curated wines, Italian coffee and a small selection of light meals.

Check the full article here Fine wine

Next up in Charlottenburg from Qiez is a review of Daitokai. The Japanese restaurant is located in the meanwhile quite dusty Europa Center shopping mall which is not exactly the go to place when you think of eating out. But rumor has it some Japanese claim, that this restaurant would come as close  as possible to an original in Japan. Check the full article here Little Tokyo at the Europa Center

Next up in Mitte from Berlin loves you is a review of India Club Berlin.  Beforhand; Indian cuisine usually does not come to one’s mind when you think of fine dining. And this type if kitchen is not showered with Michelin Stars, but there are a few gems when it comes to high-end Indian cuisine. According to the critic, this particular joint right off Brandenburger Tor just might be such a gem.

Check the full article here The swankiest Curry house in Berlin


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