Events Of The Week- Jaja, Cocktails, Sake, Frenchies And More

September 11, 2017|Events

Events of the week. It’s Monday morning and you know what that means, its time to leave Berghain, go home for a shower and get to work. But it also means its time for this week’s rundown of upcoming events.

First up, later today in Mitte, on this somber occasion of September 11th, when the world went and fucked itself in the ass just a little bit more, you can numb the reminder at the Opening Cocktail Art Week where you can peruse some objet d’art and sip on a mule.

On Thursday you got Ungeheuer, the fine dining a la hipster joint in Neukölln is hosting a Fine Dining Event. The deal is a 7 course meal for 75 bucks.

On Friday you got a double whammy. First up, in Kreuzberg lets celebrate Mexican Independence Day at La Lucha who will run their kitchen late night so that they can hear the official declaration from the Mexican president…. “We’re not paying for that fucking wall!!” Next up on Friday is is the 1st Veggie Vegan Street-Food Music OpenAir Festival 2017 which just may be a bit long for an event name. Think short, Woodstock, for example, but you can dance to your heart’s content while chowing down on that seitan sammy. Also, does anyone have any idea where the gosh darn tootin’ event is?

On Saturday, in Friedrichshain, you got the Japanese Sake Festival, which seems redundant considering the Michigander Sake Festival never really took off. Nevertheless, options include an offering of 10 different kinds of Sake and a couple of food stands to clear the palate between gulps. Tickets available at the door and online.

Next up on Sunday, in Neukoölln, JaJa Natural Wine Bar brings in a ringer and invites their favorite Parisian wine bar La Cave a Michel to host an evening at Jaja with a tapas style menu and erry’thang. So lets give a nice warm welcome to the Frenchies and try to glean something from their style. Maybe wear your scarves or something.

Thats it for the events of the week, hit Mr. Eatler up if you feel slighted and deserve to have your event up on the board. No bad blood needed.


© Jaja Wine Bar via Facebook

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