Kreuzberg- Indoor Farming Holds Hummus Event

August 12, 2017|DishLer

KreuzbergInfarm, one of the leading voices, if not the leading voice of Berlin’s slowly perculating indoor farming trend is holding an event coming up later in the month. Infarm is a company that builds indoor vertical farming incubators and you may have sampled some of their agricultural wonders at the recently opened Good Bank cafe, that farms your garden salad in vivo.

Besides catering to the “very fresh, very now, very local” undercurrents of the market, Infarm’s grandest aspirations are to move a significant percentage of farming into their vertical indoor model. This would, in theory, free up existing farm land that can be re-allocated to the disappearing forest, and in turn dedicate them to soaking up more carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Pretty noble, though don’t tell the farmers themselves, because we know that humans are so rational when it comes to everything. Their upcoming event is a hummus lab and is being held in collaboration between cook and feinschmecker Niv Gal (anna loulou bar) and Vanunu Hummus.

Check out the event here

Glogauer Str. 6.


© Infarm via Facebook

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