Best Of The Week: Mr. Eatler Gets A Thrashing

August 11, 2017|Best Of The Week

Well, it was a busy, event filled week over at Mr. Eatler’s house. First off there was some crazy news earlier this week, and then a lot of unhappy Eatlers out there took one of the posts to heart. It may sound confusing, but alas, all will be revealed in due course. In any case, here is the rundown for the best of the week.

First up on Monday Mr. Eatler had the pleasure of interviewing head honcho of the Food Entreperneurs Club, Steffi Rothenhöfer, who elegantly revealed the historical context behind German food culture of the past and present, brutally local and all. Naturally, it’s all a little highbrow for Mr. Eatler, but it is interesting to get a little learnin’ every once in a while.

Also on Monday we learned that Mrs. Robinson, the forward thinking fusion joint up in Prenzlauer Berg is taking a vacay, or doing renovations, or perhaps its a little bit of both? But one thing is for sure, the head chef was spotted carousing around around town last weekend at one of Mitte’s new gastro-pubs Night Kitchen

On Tuesday there was some crazy stuff that happened that Mr. Eatler can’t talk about yet, but as soon as its all good, it’ll be all good.

On Wednesday we got news that Rotbart, the hipster chic cocktail bar and beer joint re-opened their beer garden, which leads you to utter the phrase perhaps, better late than never?

Same day: Mr. Eatler gets a thrashing. The infamous Most Annoying Things About Berlin Restaurants came out and boy oh boy did it get some engagement, a lot of it angry. Sadly the anger was mainly directed at the article being poorly researched, but as the article itself states, none of the annoying things were created by Eatler. They were cut whole cloth from the growing Eatler community… and we quote directly from the comment thread:

There is a lot of dumb, pointless, vacuous, clickbaity content posted online these days – but I have to say, this badly researched, festering turd of an ‘article’ actually takes the biscuit -David McLoughlin via Facebook 
“Festering Turd” raises a distinct smile. Neatly turned Mr. Mcloughlin… chapeau… and another directly from the Eatler comment thread:

Cluster Fuck? Seriously you’re out of line, lumping the entire country together-all 50 states! As if they all operate the same. Just because the current government/ administration is a farce, it doesn’t mean nor gives you the right to judge it that way. Even if you’ve lived there, your BS is not at all engaging. -Enri Quinones via Eatler

Okay Mr. Quinones, perhaps Mr. Eatler could qualify, “The Unending Federal Government Cluster Fuck” But one might say you have put the emPHAsis on the wrong syLABel dear friend.

Moving on to Thursday, there was a burglary at the Panda Noodle Bar, script for major motion picture starring Jackie Chan is being penned as we speak.

And finishing of the week for Friday was the third installment of the Food Pornographers Scroll Down, keeping up with the who’s who of the Insta Foodie realm.

That about does it for this week, stay tuned for upcoming Berlin restaurant industry gossip, and don’t forget to send any interesting information, scoops or intel. to you local hungry Mr. Eatler


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