Kreuzberg- Infamous Biergarten Holding Kebab Festival

August 11, 2017|DishLer

Kreuzberg – Birgit & Beer is calling on all kebab lovers! Yep, their first kebab festival is going down in the infamous Birgit & Beer biergarten known for its lively if not outright perverse parties down by the riverside. A wide variety of kebabs will be available and of course Berlin’s claim to the kebab throne, King Döner. What would Berlin be without its adopted emblem, the Döner Kebap, it ´s always there for you after a long night of drinking and debauchery, a fiscally responsible option when you are broke and eminently qualified when you simply have the munchies.

The outdoor festival with plenty of kebab food variations prepared by Berlin based vendors/restaurants/bistros is happening on August 13th. Drinks & music and a lot of oriental flavor not to be missed. The organizers are currently looking for more kebab maestros to join the culinary line-up. Check out the event here Berlin Kebap Festival 2017

Birgit & Beer, Schleusenufer 3


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