Food Porn Scroll-down, Finding B, MH9, And More…

August 11, 2017|DishLer

Get your thumbs in prime limber condition because it’s time for the Food Porn Scroll-down; our bi-weekly update on all the happenings of the Berlin based food pornographers.

First up we got Sarah from finding Berlin who seems to have enjoyed a nice dish of pasta vongole while hardcore @ mentioning the notorious and newly acclaimed pasta queen @pasta_af. That’s the life isn’t it, chowin’ on past somewhere in South Tyrol.

Next up we got Markthalle Neun, where the popular street food Thursday market was going down yesterday, which makes because today is Friday, duh… If you haven´t been there yet, the choice of food can be overwhelming at times but it definitely takes you on a culinary trip, good or bad is up to you. Who knows, maybe you’ll be served by a dashing bearded fedora toting hipster, so elegantly displayed in the picture.

Last up we got Berlin ick liebe dir who totally fell in love with the Pho Noodle Bar and its bright colorful neon signs. Pho has been getting moderate love from the local blogger-sphere since it opened a few months ago. And who can blame them? Pho, is pho-king awesome…

Wir haben uns ein wenig in die Einrichtung von der @pho.noodlebar verliebt 💘 | 📸 by @chrissi_lo_

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That’s it for this week’s scroll-down, stay tuned for more of the food pornographer’s every couple of days.



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