Prenzlauer Berg- Early Retirement For Pizza Slinger?

August 10, 2017|DishLer

Prenzlauer Berg- Mandarine3 is seeking a new owner. The spacious pizza joint located in the family friendly oasis part of Prenz. is looking for somebody to take over the business only a little more than year after opening. What happened? Retirement already? Pizza overdose, if that could even be considered a thing?

The pictures of the shop look pretty killer. Maybe bad business? It is pizza after all, but an indicator of possible business plan flaws could be that they regularly offered all you can eat vouchers on Groupon. Oh the old Groupon kiss of death, it has defeated many a restaurateur. But there are a whole host of other possible reasons. Maybe there were contract issues as in Sweethearts case. As it stands the joint is being offered up for a minimum four year contract.

Hufelandstr. 14


© Mandarine 3 via Facebook



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