Kreuzberg- Burglary At Noodle Bar, Not A Jackie Chan Flick (Yet)

August 10, 2017|DishLer

Kreuzberg – The Panda Noodle fell victim to a burglary last Saturday night. Due to the inicident the noodle joint, much loved for its homemade ramen, had to shut down for a day. However, they’ve been back at it all week, so besides the shitty feeling and loss of some cashish it ain’t too bad. Being burglarized suck, and it totally sucks that the daily takings and a few other items were ripped off. This hasn’t stopped Panda Noodle’s loyal social media following from wishing ill will on to the burglars, with some medieval sounding curses to boot, one particularly heinous curse called for the fingers of the thief to rot off so that they wouldn’t ever be able to hold chopsitcks again. That’s some Genghis Kahn shit.

Lausitzer Platz 12


© The Panda Noodle via Facebook


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