Reviews Of The Day- Khwan, Isla, Gärtnerei

July 27, 2017|Events

The rundown has been lacking as of late, Mr. Eatler apologizes. Here they are, the reviews of the day. We got one from Stil In Berlin, one from Cee Cee and one from Berliner Zeitung.

First up in Neukölln- from SIB is a review of Isla Coffee’s Sunday brunch. It seems that since Sweetheart Cafe’s sad news last week about loosing their lease SIB has had little else on their mind. So much so that they prefaced their Isla Coffee Brunch post by saying “Now that Sweethearts final weekend is here, I want to give you an alternative in the same area” Which is a little bit of a sloppy seconds in terms of reviews if you ask Mr. Eatler, but nevertheless SIB goes onto give Isla a pretty solid review.

Check out the full post here: Brunch In Neukölln: Isla

Next up in Friedrichshain- from Cee Cee is a review of Khwan. In a rare showing of minor disappointment they complained about “apathetic service” but made up for it with glowing reviews of the food. Even going so far as to describe the passive aggressive ‘last bit battles’ where every one stares at the last bite on the plate, but dares not taste the guilt ridden remnant.

Check out the full post here: Follow The Smoke Signals To Khwan- Noteworthy Thai Food

And lastly in Mitte- from Berliner Zeitung a review of Gärtnerei, a new-ish joint that opened a few months back from the people who brought you Fleischerei. So the deal is that with Fleischerei it’s all about the meat and with Gärtnerei its all about the garden. In a brutally local fashion vein Gärtnerei makes a their foray into social awareness dining and according to Berliner Zeitung at least, veggies are the new meat. Let’s take that last iteration with a grain of Fleur de Sel over a portion of steak tartar. Gärtnerei has been getting solid reviews in general and they haven’t been too politics centric.

Check out the full post here: Vegetables is the new meat


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