Recently Ousted Sweethearts On The Move Already

July 21, 2017|Gossip

Word on the street is that the recently real estate ousted cafe Sweethearts found a new spot, at least judging from Stil In Berlin’s recent shouts and murmurs on her ever active insta. feed. Just last week SIB posted the news that Sweethearts is leaving its current location in Neukölln and with some clever hashtag expressionism hinted at real estate issues being the catalyst for the surprising early departure. Still unclear where or if there will be a new joint, but if you want to have a chance to find out you can hit up SIB’s workshop early next week and pester her about Sweethearts, but you’d be a fool because you can also learn about how to do all that instagram shit that she does so well.

Learn more about the FEC workshop here: SOCIAL MEDIA WITH FOCUS INSTAGRAM

Rosenthaler str 72A


@ Sweethearts via Facebook

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