Mitte- Modern Mediterranean Joint Marks Late Night Dining Wave?

July 14, 2017|Openings/Closings

Mitte- Night Kitchen, a new joint offering modern Mediterranean cuisine opened up a couple of weeks ago in the stand alone building at Heckmann Höf. From the look of the place it has a bit more rustic vibe, slightly reminiscent of their partner, the ubiquitously instagramed *House Of Small Wonder. They call themselves a contemporary dining bar, so basically, high-end food in a bar?

Judging by their logo, (owl with a fork) and duh… the name, Night Kitchen is aiming to do a late night dining thing, that offers more than the usual, shove it in your face Döner experience. Yet more evidence of the growing late night trend. How NK will manage in the super quiet Heckmann Höf is still a mystery. Let’s cross fingers that the late night dining wave picks up though, and we get some more joints along the Night Kitchen lines.  Taken all together it feels like they fall under the ‘eat and hang’ genre of joints, but with a bit more of a cultivated menu.

Oranienburger str. 32


© Night Kitchen via Facebook

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