Reviews Of The Day: New Kids Get Repeat Showings

June 27, 2017|Gossip

A very busy day for the Berlin foodies and critics. Some of the popular kids are making repeat showings and some of the veterans are getting mentions as well. Here’s the rundown: We got one from Berlin Loves You, one from Mit Vergnügen, one from Finding Berlin, one from Berliner Zeitung, and one from the Italian publication, Berlino Magazine.

First up: In the repeat players, both La Lucha in Kreuzberg, and Khwan in Friedrichshain got reviewed yet again. Both of these joints are receiving the royal new kid on the block treatment and it all remains to be seen who will maintain and who will be a flash in the pan. Both joints receive killer reviews, though Berliner Zeitung’s review of La Lucha making grandiose claims like “So gut kann Mexiko schmecken” (Mexico could taste this good) leaves one asking, “how the hell would you know?” Especially that later in the post you claim to have had no idea as to how good Mexican cuisine could be. Check out the full posts here:

La Lucha: Gastro-criticism So good can taste Mexico

Khwan: Khwan Thai BBQ is Friedrichshain’s Most Exciting Restaurant

Next up: Mit Vergnügen reviews LOK6, another popular new kid in Schöneberg that up until recently had been a little bit enigmatic about it’s menu but Mit Ver. reveals that they are putting out a menu on the brutally local end of the spectrum of regional style cuisine. Check out the full post here: Beautiful and delicious – for lunch at the LOK6 in Schöneberg

Next up: From Berlino Magazine a write up for Monsieur Vuong in Mitte , a joint that was one of the original of the modern day Vietnamese imports into Berlin restaurant scene and has been open since 1999. Check out the full post here: Monsieur Vuong, a Vietnamese restaurant most famous Berlin is delicious and well-priced

Next up: Finding Berlin put up an entertaining post about Con Tho in Neukölln, another of today’s Veitnamese joints, this one of the vegan vein. Though vegan, Finding Berlin assures us that even the omnivores among us would have a delightful time chowing down on some healthy food for once in a while, geez! Check out the full post here: LOVELY AND VEGAN VIETNAMESE FOOD AT CON THO

That’s it for today’s reviews kids. Eat well and drink safely.


© Con Tho via Finding Berlin

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