Best Of The Week: New Menu, New Joint, Deathwatch And More

June 17, 2017|Events

Another busy week over here at Eatler, and we are excited about all the activity on the Tip Line. Keep it coming. We are also excited about all the contributors who have shown interest in writing for Eatler. If you fancy yourself a journalist of sorts, send Mr. Eatler a message and let him know.

Here’s the rundown:

Monday: In Charlottenburg Glass Restaurant put out a new menu, another chapter in head chef Gal Ben Moshe’s story of self identity. Stay tuned for Eatler’s interview with him coming up early next week

Tuesday: In Mitte it was another episode of Mission Possible also know as Make Einstein Dinner Again. Who knows if the iconic shcnitz joint will be able to capture the same kind of energy that sister restaurant Grill Royal has, but it wont be for lack of trying. Einstein has tweaked their menu and Finding Berlin at least believes its the right way for them.

And in Prenzlauer Berg Sasaya don’t want no babies! Check out the ridiculous thread someone sent in about being turned away at the door due to being in possession of a potentially screaming baby. No one wants to hang out with yo’ damn baby!

Wednesday: Well, somewhere in Wedding later this month an Anti-Cafe is opening up. It’s called Be’kech, it’s basically a co-working space and their tag line is “anti cafe” Okay, it is what it is. Wait what is it?

Thursday: It looks like another fish bit the bait at Heckmann Höfe in Mitte and it looks like they are putting some kind of bar in the same building that Ross used to occupy. Lets see if the place manages to hold.

Friday: And finally, very close by to Thursdays post, also in Mitte, it seems as though the death knell is about to toll for Cappuccino who has officially been placed on deathwatch after having been shutdown for two weeks with no actual construction being done in the shop. It’s not official, they very well may pull through. Remains to be seen.

That’s it for this week’s best of the week rundown. Eat well and hit up the Tip Line with any juicy intel.


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