Anti-Cafe Opens Up Somewhere In Wedding

June 14, 2017|Openings

WeddingBe’kech, self described as Berlin’s first Anti-Cafe, is opening up later next week. What the fuck is an Anti-Cafe you ask? No, it is not proctologist office, though there could not be a more “anti-cafe” than that. It is basically a public work place with an extra feature. You pay for the time you spend inside the cafe and the rest is free. Free food, bottomless cups of coffee, and free internet. That sounds like an awesome deal. Anti-Cafe does come off a little negative but everybody has got their own way of getting to the elevator pitch. Here is there description:

Our anti-café & coworking space is introducing a new concept: everything is free, except for the time you spend here. For a small contribution guests can help themselves to a vegetarian buffet, drink bottomless cups of coffee, utilize the lightning-fast WiFi connection, work in silent cabins, enjoy the terrace, meet new people and more.

be’kech will entertain workshops, film screenings, exhibitions, readings and music events.

They are holding an opening event on the 23rd. Check it out here: Eröffnung | Opening be’kech: Berlin’s 1st Anti-Café

Oh, and one more thing, WHERE IS YOUR CAFE? The only information on line is that it is in Wedding, so maybe its a secret co-working space? Helps defray the cost?


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