Three Berlin Chefs Progress To Final Rounds Of Pellegrino

June 8, 2017|Awards

The San Pellegrino young chef’s competition has boiled down it’s final ten chefs for the German region and there are three young chefs from Berlin. Two from Ristorante Essenza and one from two Michelin star restaurant Facil. This must be a big win for Essenza, an Italian find dining joint at Potsdamer Platz 1, that has been around for about 14 years and hasn’t had that much press lately. Check out the full list:

Falko Weiß, Chef, Restaurant à la Minute, Trier

Francesco Olivieri, Chef de Partie, Ristorante Essenza, Berlin

Matteo Sini, Chef de Partie, Ristorante Essenza, Berlin

Vivien Volkmer, Chef de Partie, Pier 51 Restaurant & Cocktail Bar, Stuttgart

Florian Weidlich, Souschef, Restaurant Oliveto, Bonn

Tobias Schmitt, Souschef, Restaurant Lafleur, Frankfurt am Main

Raul Vidican, Souschef, Restaurant Seven Oceans, Regensburg

Maximilian Kraemer, Souschef, Restaurant Check in Kochfabrik, Achern

Maximilian Kindel, Souschef, Restaurant Facil, Berlin

Sebastian Böckmann, Souschef, Restaurant Landlust Burg Flamersheim, Flamersheim

And for more info you can read the full post here: Participant for the German Austrian Prelim Decisions


© Ristorante Essenza via Facebook

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