How To Feed Mr. Eatler

May 30, 2017|Gossip

Mr. Eatler is hungry and he needs tips. 

If you see a restaurant under construction, take a pic and send it!

If you show up to your favorite place and they closed down, take a pic and send it!

If you own a restaurant or work in a restaurant and you are putting out a new menu, or building new terrace, or hired a new chef, or fired an old chef, or got unjustly shut down by the Po-Po, take a pic and send it!

For example: Openings

Yo Eatler, check this out. Two joints opening back to back-

Or: Under construction

Yo Eatler, check out this new burger joint opening up-

Or: Awful service

Yo Eatler, I ate at Peter Pane and the waiter was a dick!! First I came in and they didn’t seat me, and then etc…

You get the idea, hit up the Eatler Tip Line and let Mr. Eatler know what is going on.


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