Chef King Of Berlin Restaurants, Tim Raue Answers The Tough Questions

May 30, 2017|Interviews

Tim Raue, Chef King Of Berlin, maybe all of Germany.

You all know him as the badass Michelin star winner . But did you know about Tim Raue’s superpowers? Did you know what nasty food he loves to eat? Neither did we until we asked him some questions. But before all of that, let’s get some facts straight. Incase you’ve been living under a rock, Tim Raue started out on the tough streets of Kreuzberg and he is now one of the leading chefs in Europe. This past year he was presented in the Netflix series Chef’s Table which featured his history, dynamic style, and award winning restaurant “Restaurant Tim Raue” which was recently included in The World’s 50 Best Restaurants list. Again!  His story is ripe for a screenplay adaptation… Let’s make it happen Tim!

How long have you been in restaurants? I started my career at the age of seventeen as an apprentice chef, finished that after 3 years and become a headchef for the first time at the age of twenty three.

What do you wish guests would think of you when they leave your restaurant? That they had a rollercoaster ride of flavors on their palates.

At the end of the day, what are the most important elements of a restaurant? I think a restaurant is built on three columns, the food, the interior design and very important, the staff service. A customer that feels like they’re treated well and with heart will become a regular pretty fast. The time for ego driven chefs is over, as you can see on the The World’s 50 Best list, where a team of service (Will Guidara) & chef (Daniel Humm) took over the crown, and since I know them, they act as a team where both parts work on the same level.

 What causes you the most aggravation? If I have a lack of creativity and sometimes it causes me to need a month to create a new dish.

 If you could have one superpower what would it be? In a fairytale? To give the whole world peace, love & respect. In my universe, access to the all time greatest moments of creativity to create new dishes.

 If you could host anyone who would it be? The person who could open the greatest bottles of wine the world has ever seen. And we would share the wines with his and my best buddies, and have a menu with tons of caviar, truffles, whole cooked turbot, foie gras, kagoshima beef and ripe peaches.

 What would you like to see change in the Berlin restaurant scene? The Berlin restaurant scene has been rising for many years, influenced by people from the entire world, but we still have a lack for Mexican food, which I really adore.

 What is the nastiest thing you love to eat that no one understands?  I am addicted to sugar, mainly to lemonade, chocolate & ice cream and I am able to eat tons of each!

 Anything you would like to share?  As a chef you have the choice to cook food that comforts your clients, which is just great food. Or to see your way of cooking as a part of art, then you have to go like great artists, create dishes which awake your clients. Its not easy to go straight on both paths.

Okay, the questions weren’t that tough, but now you know about Tim’s super powers and his kryptonite (sugar) and that he walks the path of an artist. Incase you want to know more you can check out My Way, Tim’s new book… Screenplay Tim! Screenplay!

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