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May 24, 2017|Gossip

Weekend events coming up include two so far.

First up is House Of Happa, Vegan Breakfast Club which is hosted by self proclaimed vegan queen Sophia Hoffman, vegan chef, vegan author, and vegan feminist. She is teaming up with another vegan chef to create some vegan breakfast love at YODEL, a Swiss sounding bar in Neukölln on Sunday, from 10am-4pm. They’re taking reservations and a bunch of people are already confirmed. Check out the event here.

Weserstr. 91

Second item on the list, you want to up your leadership game? Get people to do what you want them to do, and you want to do it in a restaurant? Well Food Entrepeneurs Club has got you covered with an upcoming Leadership Workshop event on Monday morning. Close enough to the weekend. Find out how to do all this stuff:

– Hands on problem / conflict solving through role-playing real life situations
– Hiring and Firing
– Motivation and Inspiration through long, sweaty and hard days
– Differentiating Boss vs. Team
– When working with friends…
– Creating and developing sustainable and long term teams
– FOH vs. BOH
– Is everyone on the same page?

We’re on your page. Tell Mr. Eatler what you want him to do, he’ll do it. His powers are useless against you oh leader. Open to any and all restaurateurs, and restaurant hopefuls, tickets available here, it’s a steep price but looks super interesting for all of you restaurant dreamers out there.

If you have any events coming up that you’d like to post on Eatler send them to the Tip Line and let us know wussup.


© Sophia Hoffmann via Facebook

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