Dickless Picasso Vandalizes Beloved Hummus And Hang Joint

May 18, 2017|Gossip

MitteYafo, the Israeli hummus and hang joint fell victim to some less than average artistic vandals last night with some anti zionist graffiti. Yup, the movement against zionist hummus and everything it apparently kills. Word of advice to all future anti-zionist rapscallion rogues, if someone opens a shop outside of Zion they are not zionists, they are, as a matter of fact, the opposite of zionists. Just as you, are in fact the opposite of intelligent. Moreover, you witless twat, you should be ashamed that in Berlin, the land of elaborate graffiti, you are not only a witless twat, you have proven yourself to be a talentless twat as well.

On Facebook Mr. Eatler was asked if this anti-zionist drivel is an indication of a new Berlin trend. Well, new it is not. Ironically it would seem that it is more of an indication of a re-emergence of a long dormant trend known as, the “dickless Picasso” trend, also sometimes referred to as the “retarded Banksy” trend, and historically known in old English terms as the “wandoughty Da Vinci” trend. Wandoughty is an old English word for impotent.

Whatever the case, make sure you hit up Yafo for a good time and for some hummus.

Gormannstr. 17b

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