Parsnip Slingers Einsunternull Get Awkward Review

May 18, 2017|Gossip

MitteEinsunternull, the two year old Michelin star joint, got a strangely awkward review form Bellevue, a lifestyle, fashion, and food blog. It was a positive review that was couched in caveat after caveat. It went something like, if you put yourself in the right mindset this restaurant having a Michelin star somehow makes sense.

Whether you are all about Einsunternull, and its parsnip slinging ways, or whether you’re a doubter, for Pete’s sake don’t be a politician. If you think something is off, point your finger and say it’s off. Look at the emperor with out the clothes and say, “yo, you naked bruh!”

The big question is of course whether a Berlin Michelin star is equivalent to a Paris or New York Michelin star and If Einsunternull and the brutally local minimalism would still play so hard with lots of other big boy restaurants in its vicinity.

Read the Bellvue review here: RESTAURANT EINSUNTERNULL, BERLIN This star is controversial


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