Top 200 In Europe, Usual And Unusual Suspects

May 17, 2017|Awards

OAD Top 200 in Europe list came out and of the Berlin joints on the list Restaurant Tim Raue came in on top at number 32 on the list, a usual suspect it’s true, but a few unusual as well. First of all, what is OAD? OAD stands for “opinionated about dining” and It’s a dining survey comprised of 4,500 different reviewers that put together lists of the best restaurant in different parts of the world and in different genres.

Last year they put together lists of Top 50 JapaneseTop 100 Classical & Heritage RestaurantsTop 100 U.S. RestaurantsTop 100+ European Restaurants and this years Top 200 in Europe just came out. So it’s basically a Wikipedia for foodies. Besides Tim Raue at number 32, the other places in Berlin are Lorenz Adlon Dining room at 99, Facil at 144, and Horvath at 151.

Interesting concept for a list. See the full list here: Top 100 Restaurants Europas 2017


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