Reviews Of The Day, BZ, Morgenpost, And The Yelpies!!!

May 17, 2017|Gossip

First up for reviews of the day, BZ showered love on Einstein Unter Den Linden who claimed that for years the service had been lax and spotty, resting on their laurels as a Berlin Icon. However in this spontaneous visit, any hint of complacency had disappeared. And the food was awesome. So there you go.

Next up, Morgenpost reviews Kafana, Serbian Cuisine that offers Balkan tapas and live music with an in house piano. Serbian wines, Serbian food, and all for under 20 bucks. All looks like a fun night


© Kafana via Facebook

And finally, the Yelpies. Attila Hildmann. Well you have to love him or hate him it seems, (maybe even like the original Attila?) Hildmann is a young vegan guru or faux guru depending who you ask, who has written 16 vegan cook books and recently opened up a joint in Charlottenburg. Some people love his practical vegan on others simply call him a sellout, driving a leather bedecked porsch. Here it is, the yelp review in full from a disappointed and fairly healthy Steven M.

I went there for the first time today at 11 o’clock and they told me none of the burgers, spaghetti, Or other such options were available until “around 1 PM” so I ordered the “protein bowl” and ended up paying 12 euros for a bowl of sweetened muesli with sweetened macha pudding topped with fruit and chocolate…if Atilla thinks that is a healthy breakfast then he and I need to talk. I was really hoping for something on the breakfast menu with unsweetened grains of some kind but seems not because none of the offered alternatives look any better.

This doesn’t look like a place for “real” vegans I think..more for wannabees. I will check out  the spaghetti some evening but so far HUGE disappointment.

Steve M. we understand your disappointment, would you now like to compare abdominals with Attila, he seems quite proud of his?


© Attila Hildmann via Facebook

That’s if for reviews of the day. Eat well and often!

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