Francophile Lifestyle List From I Heart Berlin

May 17, 2017|Reviews

I Heart Berlin put out a new French top ten-er entitled French Lifestyle In Berlin. And what is French lifestyle if not 90% about food? The list includes cheese and wine shops, patisseries, restaurants, and crepe joints for all of you francophiles living in Berlin. On the wine/cheese shop category there are places like Coucou Wines in Prenz. and La Käserie also in Prenz. for the more lactose inclined.

On restaurants category they include Les Valseuses, which is not strictly speaking French because of the Belgian twist, but its close enough for jazz.

For the patisseries they include Sebastien in Mitte, a super classical French patisserie that has been around for about 6 years, and apparently the line has been there since day one.

And finally, the crepes, and winner of the Berlin crepe scene is Bubar, apparently a former lawyer who gave it all up and turned into a crepe slinger, which in and of itself feels like French comedy flick.

The other 10% of the post is about cinema, art, and a graphic novel. But lets face it, to live a French lifestyle you need to eat well, smoke a lot and wear a scarf, but be sure to check out the rest of the French lifestyle post.

French Lifestyle In Berlin


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