San Francisco Critic Poopoos On Berlin’s Top Chef

May 17, 2017|Gossip

San Francisco!– Why oh why is there an article from San Francisco’s Mercury News here on Eatler? Because even now in sunny Berlin the long dick of the Mercury News is slapping one of Berlin’s favorite sons right in the face. That’s right, poor Tim Raue got stung for the dish he provided for In Situ, a concept restaurant in San Francisco’s museum of modern art that borrows or commissions each of it’s dishes from the owners favorite chefs around the globe.

It’s quite an honor to be on that list to begin with, but according to Mercury, the one dish that they thought didn’t play, you guessed it, Tim Raue’s. “The only dish I didn’t love was Wasabi Lobster ($26, Tim Raue from Restaurant Tim Raue; Berlin; 2013).” We will say this in defense of Tim: Mercury News, it’s a langoustine, not a lobster mothah fuckah!

Is In Situ the most high-concept restaurant in San Fran


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