Out Of Berlin, Into 2nd Annual African Food Festival

May 17, 2017|Gossip, Interviews

Alt TreptowAfrican Food Festival coming up this weekend. It’s an annual festival and this is their second year in operation. They are hosting 15 different food vendors from diverse African countries among them Ghana, Morroco, South Africa and from the new world they are hosting food vendors selling food from Brasil and Jamaica.

The three founders of the festival are either directly African or are married in to an African family and their goal is to create a Afropean community, and bring more awareness to African cuisine, which they say isn’t familiar enough to Europeans. It’s unclear exactly who the vendors will be, but the organizers claim they will have plenty of veggie options as well as food for meat lovers. As to who will be there exactly? You’ll have to buy a ticket to find out. That’s right, no free rides on the food festival train. Tickets can be bought here: African Food Festival 2017

Besides the food they will have some live performances and fashion vendors as well. Check out an interview with the founders here: The taste of Africa


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