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May 11, 2017|Gossip

In today’s reviews from around Berlin there are two mentions from CeeCee and from Berliner Zeitung.

Nihombashi, the relatively new Japanese yakitori skewer and sushi shop in Mitte gets some attention from CeeCee. Nihombashi has been receiving mainly positive reviews around town and without fail the decor is always a major topic of discussion if not contention, as a matter of fact it was the opening topic of CeeCee’s review. CeeCee approves hardily of the cuisine, for the full post see here: Nihombashi- Fine Sushi & Skewers In A Playful Setting.

Weinbergsweg 4


© Nihombashi via Facebook

Gaststätte Am Ufer, the Kreuzberg eatery that is the little sibling of The Grand restaurant got particular attention from Berliner Zeitung for their merguez sausages and for the dining room decor which is described as “Grogeous normal.” Besides that there was some philosophical discussion of the creator’s having educated a generation of young Berlin diners. Interesting read. See the full post here: Here’s Bratwurst – freshly shot

Paul-Lincke-Ufer 23


© Gastatte am Ufer via Facebook

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