French Cheese Shop Thrives, Vive La France

May 10, 2017|Gossip

Prenzlauerberg– We’ll be the first to say it, this post is dedicated to the victory of Macron over LePen. La Käserie cheese shop and restaurant played host to the Morgenpost’s bargain hunter who posts about cheep meals for under 20 bucks around town. Käserie has been open for about five years and it is owned by none other than two Frenchmen with dairy running through their veins. It is generally a cheese shop but they begin table service at 6pm every night. They offer various kinds of imported French cheese plates, raclette and fondue, paired with wine and bread. Coming up next month they’re holding a 5th anniversary event with a special menu of cocktails.

See the full post here: The delicious fondue is only available for two persons

Lychenerstr. 6,


La Käserie via Facebook

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