Breakfast In Neukölln, Roamers, Cafe Dots And More

May 9, 2017|Reviews

Neukölln- If you’re in Neukölln in the AM hours, not already eating a kebab of some variety or another, you might want to have a gander at Mit Ver’s list of Breakfast joints in the area. You might find yourself enjoying a baked good or two at places like Roamers, a twig and leaf bedecked coffee shop that serves some sandwiches, salads and cakes. Their log line includes mention of a “fistful of love,” perhaps you’ll hold the love-fist and just do the cake, (it’s your choice, no judgements.) Sweethearts, the few month old cafe that serves bloody marry brunches on the weekends and has its own in house baked goods. Cafe Dots can hook you up with some hash browns and salmon as well as some pancakes and Halmann Und Klee if you’re looking for a more egg and potatoes kind of outing.

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