Potsdamer Platz Restaurant Remains A Mystery

May 8, 2017|DishLer

Mitte- The anticipation game amps up for Golvet, the new gourmet joint on top of Potsdamer Platz that is scheduled for a launch party next week. A few weeks ago Eatler wrote about Golvet and the 40 Seconds lifestyle group that owns some luxury brand style joints around town. The local German language media has been pumping up the opening for the last month but besides telling us who the head chef is and where he has worked, who the owners are and other restaurants they have opened, Golvet remains a bit of an enigmatic fish. Actually, you can’t really know if its an enigmatic fish, or an enigmatic cow, as there is yet no clear indication of what kind of menu they will have except for a few spattered items on a Facebook post or two with words like Nordic, and Nebraska Rib. If any of you have any more details about what is going to be happening at Golvet, hit up the Tip Line and let us know.

Head Chef Björn Swanson Before The Opening

New opening: Restaurant Golvet at Potsdamer Platz

These are Berlin’s new restaurants

Potsdamer Straße 58


© Golvet via Facebook

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