Shaniu Noodle Family Closes One And Opens Another

April 17, 2017|Openings

Wilmersdorf- Shaniu’s House Of Noodles, long touted as some of the best Chinese/Korean in town, opened up a new cafe a couple of weeks ago a few doors down from the original noodle house. This cafe is a few doors down from the original as Stil In Berlin writes while also mentioning Chinese churros! But what is going on with their Charlottenburg Bistro location? The Tip Line reveals they’ve been closed for over 6 months with no signs of life. Have they abandoned Berlin’s upper west side for cooler Wilmersdorf vibes? Will they open back up or are they just running out the lease, maybe looking for potential restaurateurs who want to take over? All remains to be seen.

New Cafe at: Pariser Straße 58

Charlottenberg Location:


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