Former Borchardt Waiter Opens Hors D’œvres Bar

March 28, 2017|Openings

PrenzlauerbergBricole Hors D’œvres Bar opened up about two months ago by a former Borschardt waiter. Bricole features a seasonal menu and hints at having a Berlin touch to their French cuisine whatever that may mean. Perhaps its miniature eisbein? The owner says that there are many real hors d’œvres bars in Paris where you don’t sit, but stand at a bar, more in a tapas like style, but that he felt Berlin wasn’t really ready to go that far. Eating while standing, or leaning might be a little too much to ask of the current Berliner, after all, didn’t grandma used to say, “don’t eat standing up, you’ll get fat calfs.” Cankles aside, lets continue the tapas trend. 

New in Prenzlauerberg: Berlin’s First Hors D’œvres Bar

Senefelderstraße 30


© Bricole via Facebook

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