Yafo, Hummus And Chill, Not Just About Calories

March 5, 2017|Gossip

Mitte– Yafo, Israeli restaurant, could perhaps be considered a kind of Berlin pioneer. Not because of the hummus. Not because of the cocktails. But perhaps because of The “eat and hang.” The “eat and hang” concept is something that is creeping into the Berlin food scene. Though not yet enough to be labeled a trend, it is something that is apparently common in Tel Aviv, the owners’ hometown. What is the eat and hang concept? Well, just as it sounds, eat and then spend the rest of your night hanging at the same place. So, no reason to hop from shop to shop? Just stay in one place? And people just start dancing some times? And your ears don’t bleed at the end of the night? And cocktails? So how come this isn’t a trend yet?

Yafo In Mitte

Gormannstraße 17B


© Yafo via Facebook

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