Uber Of Restaurants, Why Wait For Service?

December 15, 2016|Openings

MitteData Kitchen: Slow Food Fast. So the deal is you get an app on your phone and order a meal so that by the time you get there its ready to eat or take away, bought and paid for. Think of it like the Uber. You can wait at your table and try to flag down a waiter, or just depend on technology. In the words of Sartre, hell is other people, so technology is what ? Heaven? It’s pretty much a self serve, but they clear your plate, so no dirty work. Basically a souped up vending machine. Will you have to kick it when your snickers gets stuck? Who would come up with such an idea, you ask? Of course a Hi-Tech incubator.  It’s probably better then stuffing a dönner before running back to work.

Data Kitchen in Mitte

Rosenthaler Str. 38


© Data Kitchen via Facebook

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