Brutally Local Bug Bites The Burger Trend, Hirsch & Eber

December 15, 2016|Openings

PrenzlauerbergHirsch & Eber, opened a few weeks ago. Another in a growing collection of designer burger shops in Berlin. Like Nobelhart & Schmutzig, They’ve been bit by the “Brutally Local” bug and get all of their wild boar from local producers. Local became a byword for morality these days. It’s almost as though the local element of the sourcing outweighs the value of a more yummy flavor in your mouth. However, when it comes to meat, knowing it’s zip-code of origin does seem to make a whole lot of sense. One American burger patty contains more than 10,000 different cows. Well, hopefully cows, but who can tell. Hirsch & Eber probably can.

Schickimicki Burger

Kollwitzstraße 87


© Hirsch & Eber via Website

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