Casualness And Freshness At ‘Seaside’ Restaurant

December 12, 2016|Gossip

MitteSeasisde opened a few months ago, it’s still getting good write-ups and reviews. Attractive is the transforming fresh menu. Oddly, one wonders what their pitch line: “Californian Casualness mixed with Nordic Freshness” is supposed to mean? Perhaps its just impressionistic word painting, but if someone asked you “Hey, you wanna try that place Seaside?” and you had asked “What is it?” If they had said “Oh its a Californian Casualness mixed Nordic Freshness Restaurant.” You would probably be more than a little puzzled. Or maybe its just a thing because it sort of rhymes? The word painting in and of itself shouldn’t take a way from restaurant, which seems pretty solid after all. Thanks eichiberlin for the tip. Keep in mind, looks like it might be fun place to spend new years.

Mohrenstraße 17


© Seaside Fish & Seafood Bar/ Facebook

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  1. For so long since the opening of this restaurant, I never heard of this place. I need to try it.

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