Flying Noodles, German Gnocchi, And More

December 10, 2016|Events

In this week’s Week In Reviews there are wild tales from across Berlin. Magic flying noodles, exotic teutonic cuisine, but starting off is a little bit of Paris in Friedrichshain:

  1. To begin with, it seems like there’s decent place in Friedrichshain where Savoteur recommends some French lunch at Dinette.

We tend to think of French restaurants as fancy-schmancy places, but Francophile delights can now be found in even the decidedly non-swanky corners of town. After emerging from the shadows of catered gallery openings and fashion events, the pioneering founders of Dînette are seizing their moment in the culinary sun in Friedrichshain — and in doing so are challenging stuffy assumptions of how French food must be consumed. Bistro classics like moules frites and boeuf bourguignon are made with such care that you’ll blink at the prices (most of Dînette’s dishes are under €10). Pairing well with the prices is a laid-back atmosphere that invites you to dig in. C’est magnifique.

Downsides: This place is open from noon to four, so if you aint in the hood already you’re probably going to have to make a special trip.

Afternoon Lunch In France

2. Hidden in plain sight it seems in the middle of Mitte Stefan Peter uncovers Spiegelsaal, an institution of some esteem. Auto-Trany alert!

Today, the room is an event location – during the day you can have a wonderful lunch. There are only a few tables in the middle of the large room. The food: simply great. As a starter I choose Borschtsch (5,60 Euro). The extremely tasty beetroot soup comes in a large plate and is probably enough for guests with little hunger.

Bread there is strangely not. Also great are pumpkin gnocchi with almond kernels (11,30 Euro) and the landente with apple red cabbage and potato dumplings. Conclusion: I must go there more often!

PAY ATTENTION: pumpkin gnocchi, how exotically not German.

The “Spiegelsaal” is a culinary secret in Mitte

3. Meanwhile over in Prenz, Asbke Jann is enlightening us about some kickass noodles, take a look at Anjoy.

A dish has attracted our attention especially: The Flying Noodles. Yes, you read that right, the anjoy is namely so far the only place in Berlin, can fly to the your noodles. In three different dresses, the dish comes therefore and can be ordered either with meat, fish or tofu.

Though she did complain that there aren’t many vegetarian options, but then said almost everything could be ordered vegetarian (confusing as fuck) it makes me think that if she’s a vegetarian then maybe she didn’t dabble to the full extent of the menu. Pics look awesome.

“I believe my Noodles can fly” – Vietnamese magic in the Anjoy

That’s it for this week round up, confirmations and updates later this week. Stay tuned.

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